The topic of betting is not so often raised in the creations of modern cinema, however, there are exceptions here as well. On the Web, you can watch the best films about betting with interesting and varied stories for every taste.

Some films look at this type of entertainment with humor, while others allow you to learn more about the features of betting and those “pitfalls” that occur in this type of business. The selection of films about betting can be different, it’s impossible to remember everything at once, it’s enough to remember the brightest and most rated ones.

What happens in bookmakers? How to learn more about the world of betting, and what should a bettor see? Watch a selection of the best movies about sports betting. Documentaries filmed in bookmakers and stories of bettors.

Lay the Favorite

A young girl, a former employee of a strip bar, moves to Las Vegas, where, thanks to her outstanding mental abilities (memory for numbers), she gets a job at a bookmaker’s office, despite the legal ban. The owner of the company is the hero Dink, played by Bruce Willis. According to the plot, Dink, who has a great penchant for the exact sciences, despite a good education, still could not resist some financial fraud, and therefore is hiding from the police. The girl herself quickly adopts all of Dink’s knowledge and leaves the office, moving to New York to use her skills there. Key events begin to take place when the plot concerns Dink’s wife named Tulip. The film was shot in a comedy genre and conveys the atmosphere of adventurism.


For those wishing to delve into the terminology of the bookmaking world and follow a carefully crafted scenario centered primarily around betting on horse racing, this work presented by the HBO channel is suitable. The protagonist under the pseudonym “Ace” intends to take revenge on a number of people who are guilty of his imprisonment. To do this, he developed a plan that would help him take over the local hippodrome, in order to eventually convert it into a casino as well. “Ace” plans to carry out his plans with the help of an Irish racehorse and acquaintance with its owner. Also, apart from the main storyline, the picture introduces the viewer to the characters of all hippodromes: jockeys, coaches, gamblers and just fans. In the course of events, the jockey agent Joey, having learned about the participation of a thoroughbred horse in the races, does his best to prevent this in order to put his client in his place. This series is rich in many additional storylines that have a clear connection between events related to betting and racing at the hippodrome.

Eight Men Out

The film immerses the viewer in the twenties of the last century, a time when bets on sports events were widespread. The film is based on real events and tells about the legendary baseball event at the time and the ensuing scandal in the Black Sox team, where the players were accused of taking a bribe in exchange for a guaranteed loss.


The film’s slogan “Risk is the greatest success” immediately indicates what to expect the viewer.The plot revolves around three adventurous young people with great promise who came up with a scheme to make money on betting bets. Representatives of the criminal world learn about new competitors, which brings the guys some troubles that they are forced to solve. Three friends are forced to pay a share of their income, while the guys themselves think about how to outwit the gangsters.

Player 5150

The main role of the film is a man named Joe, who works in one and brokerage companies as a trader. The vast majority of clients are very powerful people, and Joe shares a great passion for gambling with them. By an unfortunate coincidence, the main character got into an unpleasant financial situation, and therefore is looking for money. To do this, he travels to Las Vegas, where a hired killer is waiting for him. Starring Ethan Embry. In the film, the viewer will see the capital of the gambling world, high stakes, as well as family problems that Joe is trying to solve, despite the current situation.

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